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Here’s the blurb for “Like Cats And Dogs”, my new shifter story

This story will be uploaded to Smashwords this weekend, and I will be making it available as a freebie to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter.

The Blurb:

Cats and dogs don’t mix – so panther shifter Belle Simmons will never get a chance to act on her secret crush on Axel McManus, the sexiest werewolf this side of the Montana state line…right?

That’s what she thinks until the day she’s fleeing an arranged marriage with a much older panther known to have perverted desires and a vicious temper – and Axel comes to the rescue. The only way that the wealthy, corrupt Raymond Charucki will release Belle from her obligation is if she can steal a certain priceless icon belonging to a terrifying witch…and to her shock, Axel insists on accompanying her.  Is he protecting the shy, orphaned panther out of pity…or out of love?