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My best writing productivity tips (how I write a book every 4 to 6 weeks)

My novel-writing methods are still a work in progress and who knows, it’s possible they always will be, but so far, here’s what I have found works best for me:

1.) Plot out the book as much as possible in advance. I know who the hero and the heroine are, what mystery or dilemma they’re trying to resolve, what the obstacles are to their romance, I know who the villain is and what they’re trying to accomplish, how they’re trying to accomplish it, what their motivation is…I mostly know who the supporting characters are, what they’re trying to accomplish and why…I know what the “black moment” or “all is lost” moment…I know what the final battle is, and how the hero and heroine win…The more I know, the faster I can write and the easier it is for me to write. Plotting is the hardest for me, especially when it comes to the mystery part of the plotline.

2.) Write out little chapter outlines, as far into the book as I can. Sometimes, I only can plot five or six chapters in at a time.

3.) Use a timer and write down my word count.  I’m experimenting with writing in 20 minute stints, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.  Advantage of writing for shorter periods of time: it’s hard for me to stay focused for an hour straight, whereas if I’m only writing for 20 or 30 minutes, I can pretty much make myself sit and write the entire time.  However, at the end of every writing stint, I get up and take a break, check my email and Facebook, etc., and the breaks tend to stretch on, and I get distracted…less breaks, more writing.

I can average anywhere from 1500 to 2200 words an hour.

Things that cut into my writing time: the internet, household distractions, my ADD…

I am going to be moving soon, into a house that has a dedicated office. I am actually considering buying a second laptop that has no internet access…writing on that laptop, and saving it to a USB…and transferring it on to the other laptop.   That way, when I’m writing and something pops into my head and I have a sudden urge to surf the net…I’d have to get up, and walk over to the other computer with the internet access. Most of the time, that would be enough to keep me focused.

All right, off to actually working on my book!