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Now I’m working on Virginia and Carver’s story…

…continuing from their first meeting in “Taken By The Alpha”. After that, I’m planning on doing Bridgit and the Beast.

Too many ideas competing for space in my head! I’ve got the next year’s worth of ideas rattling around in there, and I can only type so fast!

Here is the blurb for Virginia and Carver’s story – still working on the title…

Wolf shifter Carver may be sexy as sin, but he’s also smug and arrogant and Virginia Battle is ready to nail his hide to the wall. He keeps showing up everywhere she goes, scaring off all the guys who want to date her – and not making a single move on her. After one drunken night at a casino, she wakes up next to him in bed – with a wedding ring on her finger. Now her overprotective pack is howling for his blood (literally), he’s insisting that she’s really his wife, and before she knows it she’s whisked off to a sexy honeymoon at a mountain resort.
Just when Virginia’s starting to think that being married to a man who comes equipped with his own handcuffs might not be the worst thing in the world, she comes to realize that there’s something very wrong at Honeymoon Mountain. Does it have anything to do with the secret she’s been keeping from her family? And with guests disappearing from the mountain resort, the townspeople hiding a deadly secret of their own, and someone – or something – very scary sniffing around at her cabin, will she survive long enough to find out?