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Why Would An Author End A Series?

Before I started writing for a living, I started out as a voracious reader. And when I found an author who wrote a series that I liked, I wanted that series to go on forever. I could never understand why authors would write some great books in a series, and then end that series.

Now that I’m writing, and I frequently write series, I have a better understanding of why that happens. There are two main reasons why I would not write any more books in a series that I’ve created. The first one, to be brutally honest, is economics. I always write what I love, but I also am writing to make a living. So let’s say I write a story that I love, but it doesn’t sell as well as my other books.  Big Beautiful Witches is an example of that. I freaking loved that story! And I got a lot of very nice emails from readers who also loved it. Unfortunately, my other books tend to sell literally about ten times as much as Big Beautiful Witches. Why is that? Do people love shifters more than they love witches? Who knows.  It’s just that if I am going to spend my time writing, it makes more sense to write what sells the best.  This is how I pay my bills.

Neck Deep In Vampires was another example of a story that I loved, but that sold way less than my other books. I thought it was a fantastic story and a fantastic universe, but economically, it was one of my biggest flops.  When I started writing a BBW universe with vampires, my earnings cut in half. I have no idea why.  Well, I have had some feedback from fellow authors, suggesting that it was too much of a mish-mash between urban fantasy and BBW Shifter Romance, didn’t clearly fit in either genre….again, who knows.

And the other reason that I stop writing books in a series is that I run out of creative juice for that particular universe.  I feel that I’ve explored the ideas that I want to explore, my characters have their HEA, the villains have been vanquished, and all is well with the world. Time to move on to new worlds and new adventures. Kind of like how Buffy The Vampire Slayer was an incredible series but it had to end, because you’re not going to want to watch Buffy The Suburban Soccer Mom Vampire Slayer Still Torn Between Spike And Angel. (Except now she’s 45 and they still look like they’re in their 20s so it’s a little weird.)

And now, off to create fabulous new adventures for hot heroines and sexy heroes!  More details coming soon!