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The Mating Game: Big Bad Wolf

Introducing the first book in The Mating Game series! “The Mating Game: Big Bad Wolf” is free on Kindle Unlimited, or 99 cents on Amazon for a limited time – price goes up to $2.99 next week.

In 90 days, it will be available on all platforms.

Also tomorrow, A Very Shifty Christmas will be available everywhere, not just Amazon. I will post links on all the sites as soon as it goes live!

The Mating Game: Big Bad Wolf

Going on a very public date with Ryker Harrison, the sexy, surly ex-boxer whose Alpha attitude and string of one night stands have earned him the nickname “the Big Bad Wolf”? Daisy would run as fast as her paws could carry her…if it wasn’t a publicity stunt for her favorite aunt’s new dating service.

But it turns out the handsome shifter and his family have other ideas. Apparently after her first date, his nosy, interfering pack think she’s agreed to be his life-mate. And the curvy she-wolf has Ryker convinced it’s time to give up his playboy ways and claim Daisy for his own.

Except Daisy’s pack has other plans for her, and they’ll stop at nothing to use her for their own ruthless ends. And her friends keep showing up to rescue her, when she least needs their help. And his family can’t stop messing up Ryker’s attempts to court her. Ryker’s determined to fight for Daisy…but can he roll with the punches when word reaches him that Daisy has ditched him for a wolf with a more impressive pedigree?