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My books, in order

I currently have three paranormal romance series about shifters – Blue Moon Junction, Shifters, Inc., and the Timber Valley Pack.

Blue Moon & Shifters Inc. are in the same world – Blue Moon Junction is a small town in Florida, Shifters Inc. is set in a fictional city a few hours from Los Angeles.

Blue Moon Junction order – The Alpha Claims A Mate, The Bobcat’s Tale, Hard To Bear, My Heart Laid Bear.

Shifters, Inc. order – The Alpha Meets His Match, His Purrfect Mate, Pixie The Lion Tamer, The Bear Who Loved Me.

Timber Valley is set in a different universe, where shifters hide their existence from humans.

Timber Valley Pack: Bride Of The Alpha, Purr For The Alpha, Hard As Steele, Lynx On The Loose, and technically Taken By The Alpha – set in a different town but with overlapping character and in the same universe. The Alpha Won’t Be Denied is the sixth volume.


Why Would An Author End A Series?

Before I started writing for a living, I started out as a voracious reader. And when I found an author who wrote a series that I liked, I wanted that series to go on forever. I could never understand why authors would write some great books in a series, and then end that series.

Now that I’m writing, and I frequently write series, I have a better understanding of why that happens. There are two main reasons why I would not write any more books in a series that I’ve created. The first one, to be brutally honest, is economics. I always write what I love, but I also am writing to make a living. So let’s say I write a story that I love, but it doesn’t sell as well as my other books.  Big Beautiful Witches is an example of that. I freaking loved that story! And I got a lot of very nice emails from readers who also loved it. Unfortunately, my other books tend to sell literally about ten times as much as Big Beautiful Witches. Why is that? Do people love shifters more than they love witches? Who knows.  It’s just that if I am going to spend my time writing, it makes more sense to write what sells the best.  This is how I pay my bills.

Neck Deep In Vampires was another example of a story that I loved, but that sold way less than my other books. I thought it was a fantastic story and a fantastic universe, but economically, it was one of my biggest flops.  When I started writing a BBW universe with vampires, my earnings cut in half. I have no idea why.  Well, I have had some feedback from fellow authors, suggesting that it was too much of a mish-mash between urban fantasy and BBW Shifter Romance, didn’t clearly fit in either genre….again, who knows.

And the other reason that I stop writing books in a series is that I run out of creative juice for that particular universe.  I feel that I’ve explored the ideas that I want to explore, my characters have their HEA, the villains have been vanquished, and all is well with the world. Time to move on to new worlds and new adventures. Kind of like how Buffy The Vampire Slayer was an incredible series but it had to end, because you’re not going to want to watch Buffy The Suburban Soccer Mom Vampire Slayer Still Torn Between Spike And Angel. (Except now she’s 45 and they still look like they’re in their 20s so it’s a little weird.)

And now, off to create fabulous new adventures for hot heroines and sexy heroes!  More details coming soon!


The Alpha Won’t Be Denied is now published!



Still waiting for it to go live on Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Oyster and Tolino


I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Now I’m working on Virginia and Carver’s story…

…continuing from their first meeting in “Taken By The Alpha”. After that, I’m planning on doing Bridgit and the Beast.

Too many ideas competing for space in my head! I’ve got the next year’s worth of ideas rattling around in there, and I can only type so fast!

Here is the blurb for Virginia and Carver’s story – still working on the title…

Wolf shifter Carver may be sexy as sin, but he’s also smug and arrogant and Virginia Battle is ready to nail his hide to the wall. He keeps showing up everywhere she goes, scaring off all the guys who want to date her – and not making a single move on her. After one drunken night at a casino, she wakes up next to him in bed – with a wedding ring on her finger. Now her overprotective pack is howling for his blood (literally), he’s insisting that she’s really his wife, and before she knows it she’s whisked off to a sexy honeymoon at a mountain resort.
Just when Virginia’s starting to think that being married to a man who comes equipped with his own handcuffs might not be the worst thing in the world, she comes to realize that there’s something very wrong at Honeymoon Mountain. Does it have anything to do with the secret she’s been keeping from her family? And with guests disappearing from the mountain resort, the townspeople hiding a deadly secret of their own, and someone – or something – very scary sniffing around at her cabin, will she survive long enough to find out?

Links to My Heart Laid Bear

My latest shifter romance, My Heart Laid Bear, is now live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope everyone enjoys it! In fact I loved Clover and her family so much I’m tempted to write a sequel.


My Heart Laid Bear should be available today

I uploaded it everywhere around 11:30 a.m. eastern standard time.

And – drumroll please – I am going to make this book available in print! Then I’m going to go back and make all of my other books available in print. Dancing in the streets! Champagne and streamers! Handsome men in thongs! (Hey, it’s my celebration – I can custom design it to go how I want.)

I will let everyone know when the print editions are available.

“My Heart Laid Bear” to be released this week (March 5)

I have been taken to task, and quite rightly so, for not posting often enough. I promise to start posting and updating more regularly.

My Heart Laid Bear will be published this Thursday or Friday.

And after that, I will be working on Virgina and Carver’s story, from Timber Valley. Go bears!

And here is the sexy cover!

Sexy dude

Taken By The Alpha is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

This book is set in the same universe as Timber Valley, with a new pack – but Virginia Battle and her family, from Bride of the Alpha, make an appearance in this book, and the next book features her story.

and Barnes & Noble:

“Taken by the Alpha” to be released on Friday

Sexy dude

Taken By the Alpha will be released on Friday!
Set in the same universe as the Timber Valley pack, it features some recurring characters, who will soon be featured in their own story.

The book description:

One minute wolf shifter Katrina Hagan is shoe shopping with her packmate Joy, the next minute she’s being carried off by the Alpha of the Killingworth pack. Now she’s a hostage, a pawn in the negotiations between two rival packs – so why can’t she act like it? Her kidnapper, Maddox “Mad Dog” Killingworth, has a reputation as a ruthless killer – she should be petrified.

Instead, within days of being taken prisoner, the smart-mouthed she-wolf has Maddox’s pack eating out of her hand and she’s making Maddox’s inner wolf howl with need every time she saunters by. Too bad their packs have been mortal enemies for generations, and she’s fighting tooth and claw to resist her burning desire for Maddox.

Just when it seems like Maddox might finally be breaking down her barriers, it turns out that Katrina’s pack hasn’t been playing fair, and a shocking betrayal threatens to wipe out Maddox’s entire pack. How can Maddox choose between the love of his life…and the life of his pack?

Shifters, Inc.: The Bear Who Loved Me is now live!

Here is the link on Amazon: woman in red underwear undressing a man

And here’s what the book is about:

Heath, a bear shifter criminal turned security consultant, just got what should be a dream assignment: going undercover on a floating pleasure palace to flush out the assassin known as the Chameleon. Unfortunately, there’s one thing getting in the way of his fun: Tonya Crandall. A curvy cub reporter and a total fox – literally and figuratively – she pushes all his buttons and drives his inner bear crazy every time she shows up bugging him for an interview.
Turns out she’s sneaked onto the giant luxury cruiser too, and she’s in way over her head. Heath suddenly finds that when anybody looks at his fox (his fox?) his bear has a way of making its displeasure known – violently – so he’ll just have to pretend she’s his companion for the duration of the cruise. When they get back to shore, the grouchy bear is going to let her know what’s what – isn’t he? Unfortunately, things are not as they seem on the Shangri-La of the Sea, and betrayal waits for both of them in the most unexpected of places.

Happy reading!