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Cover Reveal For “The Bear Who Loved Me”!

Shifters, Inc.: The Bear Who Loved Me will be published next week (Christmas week). Here’s the sexy cover!

sexy woman in red underwear undressing a man

New Shifters, Inc. book coming soon!

I am working on a new Shifters, Inc. book involving Heath, a bear shifter criminal turned security consultant, and the fox reporter who drives him crazy in all the right ways.

Here is the book description for Shifters, Inc: The Bear Who Loved Me, which will be released in about two weeks.

Heath, a bear shifter criminal turned security consultant, has what should be a dream assignment: going undercover on a floating pleasure palace to flush out the assassin known as the Chameleon . Unfortunately, there’s one thing getting in the way of his fun: Tonya Crandall. A curvy cub reporter and a total fox – literally and figuratively – she pushes all his buttons and drives his inner bear crazy every time she shows up bugging him for an interview.
Turns out she’s sneaked onto the giant luxury cruiser too, and she’s in way over her head. Heath suddenly finds that when anybody looks at his fox (his fox?) his bear has a way of making its displeasure known – violently – so he’ll just have to pretend she’s his companion for the duration of the cruise. When they get back to shore, the grouchy bear is going to let her know what’s what – isn’t he? Unfortunately, things are not as they seem on the Shangri-La of the Sea, and betrayal waits for both of them in the most unexpected of places.

I uploaded my new BBW Paranormal Romance, Twin Alphas: Claimed

sexy woman in red underwear undressing a manLast night, I uploaded Twin Alphas: Claimed, to Amazon, and this morning I uploaded it to Barnes & Noble and Kobo and Apple. Now I’m waiting for it go live. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so I’ll be checking constantly to see when it’s available! As soon as it is I will publish the links.

AND – here we go!

and on Barnes & Noble:

Twin Alphas: Claimed will be released next week!

I will upload it Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

Here is the description:

Amelia Baxter’s got one simple assignment: she is to sneak through the Breach into the universe where werewolves exist and observe, document, and report back. But when the sassy-mouthed, chubby college professor discovers that she’s crossed over right in the middle of the annual Alpha Claiming Festival, she’s fascinated. And when two handsome Alpha brothers beg her to spend the weekend with them in their Mating Cabin, she can’t say no. Of course, it’s all for research, right? After all, no human from her world has ever had this opportunity to get this close and personal with werewolves before!
Unfortunately, leaving behind two deliciously sexy Alphas who have locked their sights on her as their Forever Mate isn’t as easy as she thought it would be…and when she crosses back over to her world, she walks straight into a nightmare of betrayal and deadly threats to all she loves most.
Will her Alphas get to her in time, or will secrets from another world prove to be even more deadly than those who seek to betray her?

And, here’s the cover: sexy woman in red underwear undressing a man

Well, this made my day!

Lovely writeup on Kimmie Sue’s Book Review! Thanks so much to her for the shoutout!

Timber Valley Pack 4 Lynx On The Loose is now live!

Wow, I uploaded it and it went live in about two hours! I am thrilled beyond words!

I will upload links to B&N, Apple, and Kobo as soon as it’s live. That can take a day or so.

Here’s the B&N link:

Timber Valley Pack 4: Lynx On The Loose Has Been Uploaded

I don’t know how long it will take for it to go live, but as soon as it does I will post links. Thanks for your patience! I hope you all enjoy it!

Timber Valley Pack 4 is almost done!

It should be out by Monday Sept. 29 at the absolute latest, and I’m hoping it will be done sooner than that. As soon as I upload it I will let everyone know! And in the meantime, here is the sexy cover! TVP - Lynx Loose_2000

Writing novels: your supporting characters

As you are creating your hero and heroine, it’s important to also start planning out the characters for what many people call the “B” plot of your novel.

The hero and heroine have the “A” plot. However, they need a cast of sidekicks around, whether it’s friends, family, co-workers, or all of the aforementioned. The supporting characters have the “B” plot – there is some need that they have that must be fulfilled by the end of the story.

The way that you develop the hero and heroine’s character are by showing how they interact with others. This also goes for the villain. The hero and heroine will value the people around them and treat them well. They may joke with them, they may banter, they may have arguments, their may even be blowout fights in which they stomp off and it appears the relatonship is over, but the hero/heroine aren’t mean-spirited. They ultimately want the best for people – they don’t want to cause people harm.

The villain will tend to use most people for what he or she can get from them.

Throughout the novel, we’re following the hero/heroine’s journey, and it is important for their circumstances to have changed by the end of the story. They need to be braver, kinder, more tolerant, more trusting, they need to forgive wrongs that have been done to them, or avenge those wrongs and move on – whatever issue they had at the beginning of the book needs to have been resolved by the end.

The same goes for your supporting characters. They must have some problem or need at the beginning of the book, and they must have resolved it by the end, and it should be with the help of the hero or heroine. Their story obviously won’t be fleshed out in as much detail as the hero and heroine’s, but there has to be someone other than the hero or heroine who’s had some change in their life, by the end of the book.

As you start plotting your first book, you should watch some movies or read some books in your genre, or both, and pay attention to the supporting cast. How does the hero and heroine interact with them? What changes between the hero and/or heroine and the people around them? Are they finally able to form a relationship, quit the job with the abusive boss, stand up to a parent, leave the country to follow their dreams, etc.?

And this concludes today’s writing lecture. Back to work for me!

Before you hit publish…

I got some very good advice on what to do before I published my first book, and I am passing it along to you.

We’re already assuming that you’ve got a publishable book with a well designed cover (which can be had for anywhere from $50 to a few hundred bucks).

The hope is that people like your books and want to come back for more. To encourage this, you should:

1.) Get a website. You can get a website for free at and You can also hire someone to design a website for you, of course.

On this website, create pages that say “about me”, “contact me” with your author email address, a page with a list of your books (once you have one), and a page for “latest news”.

Put a few blog posts up, even if you literally have no visitors yet. Talk about the progress of your book, about your favorite writers, about how you came to write this particular book, etc.

2.) Start a mailing list. I use because they’re very simple, and it’s free until you have a certain number of subscribers.

Create a welcome letter for your mailing list. I offer a free novelette as incentive to joining my mailig list.

Put the mailing list form up on your website. Put a link to it in your book.

The reason that you do all of this up front is that if your book is a success, this will help you build your audience and establish yourself as an author much faster. When people like an author, they want to know who the author is, what they’re working on, and when the next books are coming out. If they go searching for you and find nothing, you’ve just lost an opportunity to keep in touch with someone who would likely be a loyal reader who’d come back and buy your books again and again.