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Shifters, Inc.: Spotting His Leopard is available for purchase!

Here’s the link:

Important!!!!  It is available for sale on Amazon right now.   I will be keeping this on Apple and B&N as well, at 99 cents, through next Wednesday July 15.   (As of 7:40 p.m. eastern standard time July 10, it’s not live on those sites yet but should be by tomorrow. Weekend reading, hooray!) Then, unfortunately,  I am taking it down so that I can place it in Amazon’s Select program.  I make a lot more money in that program – but it requires that I be exclusive to Amazon.

So, if you have a Nook or an Apple device, be sure to buy it before next Wednesday!   I will post the links as soon as I have them.   Here’s the blurb: Wolf shifter Tyler Witlocke, who’s taking a most unusual vacation, just slapped a copper collar and a pair of handcuffs on his fated mate – right after meeting her. Unfortunately, it’s not for fun and games – Gwenneth is a ruthless criminal who’s left a trail of bodies behind her, and he’s got no choice but to take her in. However, everything is not as it appears on the Fertility Island. Is Tyler’s fated mate a vicious killer, or is she a pawn in a dark, far reaching conspiracy? Their answers lie in the temple of a fertility goddess, deep in a lush, tropical jungle. But after a lifetime on the run, can Gwenneth trust Tyler enough to let him past her defences before it’s too late?

Just finished the final chapters of “Spotting His Leopard!”

I sent the last few chapters off to the copy editor, and will be publishing this Thursday for Friday.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!



Tyler’s story – update

I am working on the final chapter of Tyler’s story, and will have it published by the end of next week.  This morning, I sat down and set my timer for 30 minutes, three times, and wrote 1804 words. I’d say that’s an optimum length of a writing session for me most days – then I take a break and do more later.  If I force myself to write when I’m not feeling it, the writing quality suffers and I just have to go back and fix it or rewrite later, so there’s no point.

All right, I’m off to buy more gourmet dog food for my overindulged dogs, and then I’ll return for another writing session.

Writing progress Tyler’s story

I’m up to 33, 730 words, and I’m on Chapter 15.  I think I’ll be publishing next Thursday or Friday. I’ll update when I have a better idea of the exact day.

June 25 writing progress on Tyler’s story

Back from vacation as of yesterday! 31,000 words.   I’m getting there! Slowly but surely.

June 20th writing progress

I’m up to 29,000 words and have written through Chapter Ten. Nine and Ten need some more editing.

I also got a puppy, who is slowing me down considerably by acting like a puppy. As in, not sleeping at night.  It’s like having a baby all over again – sleep when the baby sleeps!  Or you won’t be sleeping at all! When the baby is sleeping, everybody tiptoe and whisper, because if you wake up that baby, I will CUT you! Sorry, that’s the sleep deprivation talking…

June 16th writing progress

Gah, low word count.

Started at 21,400, ended with 22,893.  However, I have edited chapter seven and I wrote chapter 8. So again, progress.  And when I’m editing, I’m not always adding words so much as I am polishing up what I already have.

I have days where I write 5,000 to 10,000 words, and I need to get back on track.  Some days, and some months, I’m crazy productive, and some months, like this one so far, I’m just average.


June 15 writing progress

Woke up at 7:15 a.m, woke my son up so he could go to his endocrinologist ( he has type 1 diabetes), took the dogs out for a walk in the back yard, made myself coffee and breakfast, did a bunch of internet surfing, time kind of got away from me…

Started writing at 9:45 a.m. Set my timer for 30 minutes.

Finished editing  chapters 4 and 5, and am about to send them off to my copy editor.  Started out at 20,277 words, took some words out, put some back in, now I’m at 20,609.  That’s half an hour’s work.

Will report back later with more progress. Must go investigate what my dog’s barking at outside. I’m suspecting that a squirrel has invaded her terrain and she’s declared war.

11:26 a.m. –  Sent off chapters 4 and 5.  Taking a break after another half hour writing session.  (Second half hour writing session of the day.)

Wrote most of Chapter Six. (This is me fleshing out the rough draft of Chapter 6, but it needs to be gone over a couple more times before it’s a real chapter that anybody other than me could understand.)

My goal is to finish Seven and Eight today, and then edit them tomorrow morning, send them to the copy editor, and write Nine and Ten in the afternoon.  Again, when I say “write” I’m fleshing out chapters that are in rough draft form.

In the rough draft, I have mostly dialogue and action. Very little physical description or emotion or internal monologue.


Update: it’s 7:45 p.m. Just finished my third half hour writing session, and I’m up to 21,934 words and have written chapters six and seven.  The later in the day it gets, the less creative I am, and I think my brain’s done for the night.  Unfortunately I had some errands to run during the day, so I didn’t write as much as I would have liked, but as logn as I’m making progress, I’m happy.  Tomorrow I will start earlier.

New Shifters Inc. story, word count for the day

I am currently editing the rough draft of Tyler’s story.

Started at 18,634 words this morning,  and now I’m at 20,277.

I’m experimenting with a new thing where in the morning I’m going to edit the two chapters that I wrote the day before…then take a break…then write two new chapters…

And do the same thing the next day. etc.

I’ll report back on how well it goes!

Daily Writing Count

I’ve decided to start posting my writing count.writing progress every day.  So, later this evening I will post the final page count.

First, a lengthy post on my writing process (Oh no, not ANOTHER ONE!!!)

I’m constantly refining and monkeying around with my basic technique. My most productive month ever, last August, I wrote 75,000-ish words.  Usually, I write much less than that.   I do manage to average about a book a month, but I’m always looking to write faster/better/more efficiently.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are a couple of books on Amazon, “From 2k to 10k”, and “How To Consistantly Write 3500 Words An Hour”, which have a lot of helpful tips. I have used a lot of what these books recommend, and found it helpful.  Mind you, I don’t follow either one of them to the letter, and when it comes to writing advice,  I think that it’s important for everyone to take what works, and toss out the rest.  And sometimes you won’t know what works until you try out different things.

Here’s approximately what I do:

I am writing genre novels, so there’s already a general framework, certain things that need to happen, in every book that I write. I need to know:

Who are the hero and heroine? What kind of upbringing did they have, what is their profession, what is their “inner wound” that they’re trying to overcome?

What kind of world do they live in? Important, because I write paranormal. What are the rules of this world?

When they meet, they think they can’t be together, at least not permanently – why not? What is the obstacle keeping them apart?

What external threat do they face?  Who is the villain, what crime did he or she commit, and why?

What forces the hero and heroine together?

How do they end up getting together the first time?  What is still keeping them apart at this point?

What is the “all is lost moment”?

How do they over come the “all is lost” scenario?

What has changed at the end of the novel, for them, for their world, for the supporting characters?

So, I sit down and write out answers to as many of those questions as I can, and I also start making lists of scenes that pop into my head.

This generally takes me a few days.

Then, I write out a list of chapters. I usually write a few paragraphs per chapter, just saying what happens in each chapter.

Then, I write a rough draft.

Then, I go back and flesh out the rough draft.

Most of the time, I send it to a copy editor at that point. When I don’t –  I hear from many readers about the errors that I’ve made, which send me scrambling to fix said errors and upload a fresh copy, while simultaneously smacking myself upside the head.