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Alpha Prime 2: His Curvy Mate

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Most shifters give near-feral Alpha Prime Creel a wide berth – and he likes it that way. At least, that’s what happens until he wakes up with a crazy woman in his bed who insists that they’re mated, and seems to know everything about him – right down to the scar on his inner thigh. Sure, Miranda’s curves are sexy as sin and her scent makes his wolf howl with desire, but bitter experience has taught him what happens when he lets anyone get too close.

Creel’s still reeling from a devastating betrayal, and he’s vowed to live out his life alone. He should be relieved when Miranda’s pack drags her away. So why does he find himself tearing a car apart to rescue her? Why is he offering his protection, even though he can’t offer his heart? And will he open himself up to her before secrets from their past threaten to destroy them and their new territory?