Georgette St. Clair

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Spotting His Leopard (Shifters, Inc. 5)

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Wolf shifter Tyler Witlocke, who’s taking a most unusual vacation, just slapped a copper collar and a pair of handcuffs on his fated mate – right after meeting her.
Unfortunately, it’s not for fun and games – Gwenneth is a ruthless criminal who’s left a trail of bodies behind her, and he’s got no choice but to take her in. However, everything is not as it appears on the Fertility Island. Is Tyler’s fated mate a vicious killer, or is she a pawn in a dark, far reaching conspiracy? Their answers lie in the temple of a fertility goddess, deep in a lush, tropical jungle. But after a lifetime on the run, can Gwenneth trust Tyler enough to let him past her defenses before it’s too late?