Georgette St. Clair

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The Dragon Claims His Treasure

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“Stand up for yourself,” Rosamund’s best friend Talia said. “Don’t let anyone push you around,” Talia said.
Why didn’t she warn Rosamund that this didn’t apply to sexy, terrifying Kodran Sky-Reign, leader of a clan of alien dragon shifters? Unfortunately, when Rosamund mouthed off to Kodran, he apparently took it as a marriage proposal.
Next thing she knows, Rosamund’s being whisked away to Kodran’s home planet, with a fleet of wolf shifters in hot pursuit. And Kodran, determined to show Rosamund that he burns only for her, is blowing Rosamund’s mind with his out-of-this-world lovemaking techniques. But Kodran is hiding some deep, dark secrets, and worse, he may be on the wrong side of the brewing cyborg war. Rosamund has to decide where her loyalties lie, before this star-crossed romance goes supernova.