Georgette St. Clair

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The Dragon Claims His Treasure

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Everyone is always pushing “too nice for her own good” Rosamund around, but that’s it, no more, she’s had it. Unfortunately, when she finally decides to find her mojo, it’s sexy, terrifying Kodran Sky-Reign that she mouths off to.
The leader of the clan of alien dragon shifters promptly takes her sass as a marriage proposal. Next thing she knows, Rosamund is being whisked away to Kodran’s home planet, with a fleet of wolf shifters in hot pursuit – and a teenaged robot stowaway hiding a secret. Kodran claims Rosamund is his “heart’s fire”, and he’ll never let her go – but Rosamund’s closest friends want her home yesterday, and they won’t tell her why.
Plus, you’re supposed to end up happily ever after with the good guy. Yet the deeper Kodran and Rosamund get immersed in the cyborg war, the more her hot-in-bed, hot out-of-bed, hot every-damn-where dragon lover seems to be one of the scary bad guys…