Georgette St. Clair

NYTimes Bestselling Author of Paranormal Romance

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The Mating Game 3: A Grizzly Kind of Love

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Wynona Bennett, owner of The Mating Game, thinks everyone should find true love, so it goes against her instincts to arrange a mating of convenience. It’s even worse when it’s for a spoiled socialite with a shopping list where her soul should be. But when powerful people resort to blackmail, she either has to make semi-feral Zane Shepherd into an eligible match, or find herself behind bars.

It’s going to take a miracle. He’s bad-mannered, bad-tempered…and bad for Wynona’s bruised, once-bitten-twice-shy-heart. But Zane isn’t all he seems – underneath that wild exterior beats the heart of a true gentleman.

Can they foil his family’s murderous plans and find happiness? They have some unlikely allies in the shape of a tiny dog with a big instinct for trouble and a grammar-Nazi assassin who deals in terminal punctuation.