Georgette St. Clair

NYTimes Bestselling Author of Paranormal Romance

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My latest Curvy Girls Romance is on the Amazon’s erotica hot new releases list!

Curvy Girls: The Big Girl And the Bounty Hunter, is my third book, and this is the third time that I’ve made it on to Amazon’s hot new releases erotica list! Woot woot! Woot, I say!

Both of my other books also made it onto the Erotica Top 100 – which is harder to crack. This book isn’t quite there yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed – it’s still climbing the charts, so it could happen any day now!

My ultimate dream is to have a book on Amazon’s top 100 list for the entire store.  Well, really, to have ALL my books on Amazon’s top 100 list.

It could happen! My first book climbed to a rank of about 1200, and my second book ranked in the 700s, so I am headed in the right direction. Considering how many books are for sale on Amazon right now, I am amazed, flattered and grateful that my books have climbed that high.

I’m currently working on a BBW paranormal. I love me some paranormal hotties.