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Got me a treadmill desk…arriving soon…

37,534 words in! My BBW vampire book will be published some time in May.

Also, I ordered a treadmill desk. It sounds weird, but a lot of writers on my writer’s forum swear by it. It’s designed to go slow – you walk about 1.5 to 2 mph while writing, but it’s got to be healthier than sitting there on yer bum while writing. It can go up to at least 4 mph. I figure, even if I can’t get used to writing and walking, I will have it set up in front of my TV and I can watch a few hours of TV per day while strolling at about 3 mph.

So, here’s part of my list of TV shows I’m going to watch:
Finish out the David Tennant Doctor Who. I’m up to the one where he and Martha meet up with (swoon) Captain Jack Sparrow.
Watch all of Torchwood. I’ve only seen the first two episodes.
Revolution; I only saw the first episode.
Primeval; never seen it.
Penny Dreadful, new TV series coming up.
Ripper Street, second season.
(Wow, I just realized I lean heavily towards the British shows.)
Agents of Shield
True Blood
Game of Thrones – I only recently got HBO so I’ve never seen either
Once Upon A Time
Sleepy Hollow

That should keep me busy for a while!