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Bride Of The Dragon coming soon!

Bride Of The Dragon will be released on Wednesday, June 22!


Insurance investigator Kelly Henderson didn’t mean any harm when she sneaked in and replaced the Fair Maiden at the annual Tri-Valley St. George And The Dragon festival. She just needed to get close enough to fearsome fire dragon Gabriel Kingsley to grill him about the theft of the Dragonsblood Ruby.
Notorious jewel thief Gabriel’s been dodging her forever, but she’s got him now! Or is it the other way around? If only she’d studied the customs of the local dragon clans a little more – turns out that the Fair Maiden is required to marry the dragon in the St. George skit.
Now Kelly’s being swept off to the mountainside castle of a hot as hell dragon bent on seducing her into sticking around forever, and the family of the real Fair Maiden is burning mad and out for blood – because she’s interfered with sinister plans that could tear the valley apart.